A stranger can be a friend but it will never be logically correct to say that an enemy can be a friend. It has been a fact for me to live on this standards of life. I have gave everything so as not to sacrifice the years we have invested both as friends within our friendship. People came in and out of our lives but I never expected that with the entry of a group into our relationship as friends - changes will occur and within a snap, we no longer know each other and worst WE ARE NO LONGER FRIENDS but in contrary we are already ENEMIES. A stranger can be a friend but an ENEMY can be a stranger. A friend is someone who stood by you and those who were gone and left you were merely a part of fantasy.

It's been a while that I've been Lenient

Long enough to be abuse of being Silent
Resisting the anger of someone from contrary
Defines the character of lonesome misery

Lurking around gives more obstruction
Happiness is their target of destruction
A Hindrance to your own pleasure
Living on a sanctuary full of measure

There had been a drastic change in my life. It was not them who instigated to this loneliness but they took part in tearing my character piece by piece. What more is left with me? What more can they do to hurt me? What more do I need to do to get rid off their immaturities. Do I then, need to ask myself - Did they treated me as their friend? It has been a while that I tried to control the damage. Seemingly, they no longer care if they add more salt into the injury. Do they really try to persecute me for having great and numerous weaknesses? Once again, I am weak to be weakened.

I wont try to be hypocrite. I only had bitter feelings before but with the continuous occurrence of unintellectual actions and decisions - I am starting to loose my control and temper. Anger has to start and once it starts, its hard to break.

Friendship calls for understanding and it only exist to persons with high intellect. It is rationally correct for me to apprehend that the have lost their intellect for there was no understanding that came from them.

High enough for me to say. . .SO LONG OLD FRIENDS?!


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