enjoying life and finding more of genuine happiness! 19 years have past and all i want now is to go back from year one wanting to change everything that i have done wrong with my growth as a human being- i know that in some parts of my life i have done something wrong.

I’m now trying to correct my fault that i have done to my personality the freedom that i have once deny the happiness that i have been depriving from myself. I am now accepting the fact that I’m turning 19, old enough to experience life. . .

I have found my self i have found my identity. . .i have been alone because of my frustrations and the time has come for me to forget each and every failure i have done living the shadows of the past will not do me any good but what i need to note is NOW-The PRESENT. I must and I will Live in the Present and consider the future. . .

I’ll open my own cage though it’s late, it’s still good that i have realized that I was trapped. . . Trapped by my own stupidity but through walking on the paths of darkness having a little light
of match stick- I have found my own wisdom which served as the key to my freedom from being a prisoner. . . "this is my now" and I know "I can fly like an Eagle"


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