“Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are
not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss
you . . . Until we meet again!”

Baguio will always be my second home. A
place were I gained and loose friends
Where I have learned how to defend and
be defeated. It taught me how to be
strong and weak through sets of Homo
sapiens who lingered around this past
three years with me.

It is saddening that it was also in this
place that I have learned to stumble
upon things and made me realize that it
is hard to stand up with out any helping
hand. It taught me to become more
dependent than I was dependent before.

It is also here were I have experienced
to be ridiculed and be outraged. Where I
have learned and experienced the
consequences of life and how to live by it.

It is here where I have stand and
learned to love and to be loved. It is
here where I have gone through painful
circumstances wherein I was never
trained to deal with it. It gave me
situations which haunts me every time I
am reminded of every delinquent
situation I have been through.
Notwithstanding all these instances I
won’t forget the people I have worked
with in this place and whom I will be
working with in the last year to come.

I’ll all leave these memories behind and
consider finding genuine bliss
somewhere. I’ll go on with a journey
outside this domicile and try other
venues. I will find the other half of my
wisdom, strength, and gist of verdict.
Having all these I believe it will lead
me to the paths going home and where I
do really belong and an Abode where I am
really accepted and loved. I hope it
will still be the place where I have
been living the worst, happiest and most
exciting points of my college life.

At this point all those who have hate
me, Rejoice for I am in a state of
transition. Pray hard and Hope for a
bigger chance to say Happy Good Riddance…

“To my fellows: Keep shinning keep
smiling. . .”


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